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Aussie Play Blog / Aussie Explores / Poker / 5 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw — What’s the Difference?

5 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw — What’s the Difference?

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Casino Table with Draw And Stud Poker

Look my friend, if anyone can help you solve this mystery, it’s me, Aussie. These two types of poker get confused so often, I kind of feel sorry for them. Yet, they are very different.

5 Card Draw

Ah, the old classic, 5 Card Draw… I love the smell of gambling tradition in the morning! 5 Card Draw is perhaps the oldest and most popular way to play poker. It’s also among the more basic ways you can play the game.

It uses a bog-standard 52 deck, and you can play with two to six players. Of course, six players is the ideal number. Because the more suckers, the better for me — Aussie!

At the beginning, the players get five face-down cards each, and the game starts from the dealer’s left. This is where the actual betting starts. Afterwards, the suck… erm, the players then look at the cards and pick up to three cards they’d like to exchange.

Then, the final round of betting is performed, and the players show their hands.

Yep, that’s basically it! A good ol’ classic.

5 Card Stud

This version is actually quite different from 5 Card Draw.

Instead of getting five face-down cards, you get one which is face up, plus another one which is face down. This face-down card is sometimes called the hole card.

The one with the best hole card is the one that starts the betting. The players then receive their third card face up, and an additional round of betting begins. Then this happens two more times until each player has the hole card, and four face-up ones, then the hole card is revealed, and the winner takes all!


So there you go, buddy. It ain’t that complicated. Hope you enjoy these two vastly different variants of poker. Good luck! And don’t forget: always be responsible!

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