Welcome Bonuses
Welcome to my Earth adventures! Get a Bonus of up to 250%, before the sly Space Cat takes it and spends it for his own purposes!
Game of the Month
Aussie, Zuzu, and Space Cat are holding an Epic Holiday Party! They promise it's gonna be awesome plus lots of presents. Are you in?
Special Offers
Every game tastes better when it’s been peppered with my special bonuses. Way better than peanut butter for me!
Space Cat made sure that you have plenty of options and reasons to sign up at AussiePlay. There are so many promotions and bonuses available that it will make your head spin (I know, mine did). Naturally, there are several different types to ensure that everyone gets something. One of the most exciting online casino bonuses is the welcome bonus. Space Cat decided to reward all the new players and give them a slight edge so you can experience the hospitality of our casino and get a little insight into how our home planet works.
The welcome bonus is a one-time offer for anyone creating a new account at AussiePlay, and they will receive a matching deposit depending on the sum they decide to use for fun at our casino when they sign up. However, fear not! This is not the only promotion available.
You can also find daily promotions that promote a certain game only, and even the ones that will give you a bonus for one type of casino games like pokies. While daily promotions will change after each day, there will be others that will last longer like weekly promotions. Here you might find one of your favourite pokies on promotion, and it is an incredible way to start your games with that slight edge and bonus free spins.
Yes, you heard it right! Space Cat loves free spins, and so do we! Every pokie bonus will give you a matching deposit depending on the sum you invested, as well as a number of free spins. And believe it or not, that’s not all. There are even monthly deals where we will pick a game to be our game of the month, and you will be able to claim this promotion whenever you like!
All promotions except the welcome bonus are for all the players regardless of the time they created the account. Furthermore, the games that are available for our promotions are not only pokies. We have promotions for all our games to ensure that everyone is having fun and getting something special.
It is no secret that everyone loves gifts, and Space Cat is our gift giver for a reason. Each of our gifts is a great way to start your games and earn a lot since there will be so much matching bonuses and free spins available. There is no doubt that you’ll be able to win big thanks to these exciting promotions. The only thing you need to do is to find the bonus that suits you the best, or that promotes your favourite game, and claim it when you start playing.
Finally, if you are having a hard time choosing the game you wish to play or deciding which pokie is your favourite, there is a bonus that covers all of them! You can claim pokie matching deposit that will apply for any slot machine available at our casino. So, before you start playing, be sure that you checked which bonuses are available, and claim the one that suits you the best.
Of course, the fact that we’re Australian casino doesn’t mean that people from all over your lovely planet aren’t welcome. You can play from anywhere in the world, not only Australia!