Privacy Policy

Aussie Play Casino (in this document as Casino, Website, Company, We, Our, Us) values customer privacy above all else. This Privacy Policy document concerns the methods and ways we collect, process, and protect the personal information customers. All collected data is used to improve staff performance and give you (in this document as the Customer) access to the most up-to-date custom offers and promotions. When visiting the Website, the Customer fully agrees to all points within the Privacy Policy.

All collected data will be used only with Customer consent. Your information and data is invaluable to us and, as such, we take the fullest measures to use the best technologies to keep it safe.

That said, it is the Customer’s responsibility to keep their login and other account information secret and secured at all times. A Customer should never share or tell their credentials to anybody, regardless of family affiliation. If you suspect your account data may have been accessed or used, we strongly advise you to change your password and contact our Customer Support team to notify us of the situation.

Personal Information

When using the Website, the Customer will be submitting two pieces of information to us.
  1. Cookies
    • This is automatic information collected as you navigate and use our Website.
  2. Personal Information
    • Customer information such as their name, email address, and physical address will be collected when they register on our Website.
    • While creating an account at our casino, you automatically agree to abide by every point of the terms & conditions policy. It also includes your consent to the fact that we record all customer’s calls and may store them secured and encrypted by the latest technology for a reasonable period of time.
  3. Sharing your personal data with the Casino is not required, but in cases where a Customer does not wish to follow through with the registration process, they may not be able to use all the features of the Website.

How We Use Collected Information

Cookies will be used to make our Website performance better and up to the standards and needs of the Customer. Personal Information will be used to offer special and customized promotions and bonuses from our Casino and from trusted partner casinos, send marketing emails, conduct promotions and Customer surveys, and process Customer transactions.

Protecting Customer Information

The Casino regularly scans and checks for viruses, malware, and software breaches in an effort to ensure every Customer is able to play on our Website in a safe environment. All information that has been collected is stored on secure servers and can only be accessed by specially trained, confirmed, and authorized staff members.

Security improves are constantly in the works, making our Casino one of the safest gaming websites in the world. All Customer information that is stored on our server is encrypted by 256-Bit SSL industry-standard encryption.

Our Casino uses security practices and algorithms that can be found being used in major financial institutions around the world. The earlier mentioned algorithms guarantee safety and privacy of every Customer’s information as soon as it has been submitted.

The Customer understands that no data transmission over the Internet can ever be 100% secure, and so hereby that understands that sending personal information will be done at their own risk.


Cookies are very small files that contain numbers and letters and are saved on your hard drive automatically if you permit it via your browser settings.

Whenever you access our Website and performs actions on it, cookies will be saved. You can disable this by doing so in your browser settings.

Our Casino uses cookies as a way to tell you apart from all of our other Customers and to determine your preferences. This is done to analyze your behavior on our site and improve the site accordingly to give you a better experience. This will make the Website more relevant to you – advertisements displayed will also function this way.

Cookies help track the number of visitors and helps us understand how they use our Website and the pages they are most interested in.

Third Parties

Aussie Play Casino does not transfer, exchange, sell, or otherwise send your data to any third parties during the course of normal operation. This does not pertain to where information disclosure is required by law, to enforce our Terms and Conditions, or to protect the interests and rights of other Customers.

Exceptions to this clause are website hosting operators or any other party/company assisting us in conducting and offering our services. All third parties involved are bound by legal liability means to keep information secure, protected, and private.

Third-party Websites

Services and products from third party services are not offered on Aussie Play Casino. Sites that give you access to our Website are not bound by this Privacy Policy and the Casino cannot be held liable for their actions or the methods they use to process customer information.

Marketing Communications

All Aussie Play Casino marketing communications are regulated under the Spam Act of 2003. The Spam Act regulates the procedures of sending commercial emails, established requirements for these emails, and gives recipients the right to decline these emails, and details specific punishments and sanctions for violations.

Each Customer should be aware that we may send them emails about bonuses, promotions, holiday offers, bonus chip giveaways, or general emails about Aussie Play Casino.

To assess how successful and effective these emails are, we may attach a trackable URL (attached to an email in the email, such as a confirmation button) that’d indicate to us that you were able to open, read, and interact with the email.
Except for this case, every message will be sent with a truthful subject via an official Aussie Play Casino email address.

All emails will contain an unsubscribe button, and all opt-out requests will be honored as quickly as possible.


Personal Information from the Customer will be retrained for just as long as it’s required in order to accomplish the goals outlined in this Privacy Policy. If required or allowed by law, the retention period be extended.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, issues, comments, complaints, or otherwise just want to get into contact with us, please send us an email to the following address: