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aussie-casino / News / Joe Biden Is Against the Wire Act’s Restraints on the Gaming Industry

Joe Biden Is Against the Wire Act’s Restraints on the Gaming Industry

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Joe Biden Speaks

Former US Vice President, Joe Biden, states that he disagrees with “unnecessary restrictions” that have been imposed on the gaming industry. This statement was made before the Department of Justice (DoJ) deadline for an appellation to a New Hampshire resolution on the Federal Wire Act Interpretation.

The original goal of the Federal Wire Act of 1961 was to stop organized crime and defend the integrity of sports, and also to prevent illegitimate bookmaking businesses from operating. In this way, they managed to stop interstate sports betting. This act has undergone two different interpretations during the past decade. The first interpretation in 2001, supported by Biden, limited the legislation’s restraints on sports betting. It also allowed some states to legalize online gaming and to regulate it as well.

The opinion issued by the DoJ last year stated that the law could be applied to all sorts of gambling. That included online poker, casino and lottery, so not just sports betting alone. Nevertheless, the DoJ has reversed an opinion prior this year, after a New Hampshire lawsuit: the Act was deemed to apply exclusively to sports betting.

In a statement addressed to CDC Gaming Reports, Biden said that he doesn’t back additional unnecessary restraints to the industry of gaming, like the current president’s administration has been doing.

Biden has also issued a comment on attempts to adopt an Act that allows the federal government to control sports betting. He did not disagree with it, but he said that the federal authorities and the states should cooperate, in order to protect safe, corruption-free and fair gambling.

According to Biden, the Wire Act needs to be read under the Justice Department’s ruling of 2011. It put away the restraints to sports betting, thus allowing states to legalize and regulate online gaming. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada are the only four states that operate online gaming activities, like poker and casino games.

Enactment of the Wire Act’s latest opinion could lead to the suspension of online lotteries and other types of online betting.

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