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Do you know how most slot machines offer players some characters guiding them and leading them to the win? Most of such characters are cute and funny, like cartoony animals of creatures from fairy tales. Well, playing Meerkat Misfits at Aussie Play Casino will not be that case. This slot game is made to challenge you in different ways, and the first of them is to fight a gang of meerkats on a 3x5 grid to win the right to possess treasures!

The player will face ambushes, tricks, and, no doubt, a lot of fun when diving into the adventure of Meerkat Misfits by Realtime Gaming. If you are bold, quick, and intelligent, you will find all the hidden features, boost your winnings and get more joy and wealth! And if you strive to know more about those features and other game details before playing it, then welcome to the Meerkat Misfits slot review below.

Theme & Design

From the first spin, you are taken to a beautiful place somewhere in the Kalahari Desert, surrounded by miles and miles of orange-yellow sand and clear blue sky. You will be travelling down only one road, the road to victory. But to reach its end, you will have to face Scout, Hunter, Muscle, and Commander Meerkat, who will not let their treasures that easy. The battlefield has three rows, five reels, and 30 paylines - so there are plenty of ways to plan your strategy.

Of course, you will need any possible help to fight those tricky critters, so there are features that power you up. If you want to train your skills first and get used to those features, you can try a demo version and play Meerkat Misfits online slot for free. But after the training is complete, be sure to start playing for real money, don’t lose your chance.

Gameplay Features

When it comes to features in Meerkat Misfits slots, one thing you should remember is that every meerkat is unique and dangerous in its way, so fighting each of them you will get different bonuses. For instance, if you managed to catch Scout Meerkat, you will get x1 Wild Multiplying. If you captured Hunter Meerkat, then your reward is x2 Wild Multiplying, if Muscle Meerkat - x3, and if you are lucky enough to seize Commander Meerkat itself, you will get the highest prize - x4 Wild Multiplying! You have to be observant not to miss them, but here is a hint - Scout, Hunter, Muscle, and Commander Meerkat appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively. However, you must know that only the highest multiplier is considered in the winning combination.

A Scatter symbol can appear on any reel, and 3 of them trigger the Free Games with the Stages feature. If you managed to get this feature, be aware that four different stages upon each feature trigger exist, and once they are completed, players will start over from Stage 1 upon the feature triggers again. If you are eager to know what those stages are and what they can bring you - play the slot game and see it with your own eyes!

How to Win the Game

The recipe for winning is quite simple:

  • enter the game;
  • use features that boost your powers and skills;
  • level up your courage;
  • face armed and dangerous Scout, Hunter, Muscle, and Commander Meerkat!

Be patient, be thoughtful, use all the tricks you learned from this review, and without any doubt, you will defeat the meerkats and win the rightful treasures!


Can I Play Meerkat Misfits on Mobile?

Of course! Launch the game in the browser and enjoy the mobile version everywhere you go.

Is It Possible to Play Meerkat Misfits Just for Fun?

There is a free demo version of this slot game without any deposits, but if you are up to some big winnings, you should definitely try to play Meerkat Misfits for real money. The fun is guaranteed!

What Is the Top Reward in the Meerkat Misfits?

Your top reward may reach 2000 times per bet (500x4) here.


The Meerkat Misfits slot machine is a new exciting adventure that will catch your attention from the first spin. With a vivid setting, energetic music, and colorful characters, it immerses you in the atmosphere of extreme danger and adrenaline. All the features are well-thought-out and linked together, and winning this game is much more joyful than you can imagine!