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The game of Baccarat is thrilling and intriguing. It's easy to learn and play it. There are three possible outcomes in a game of Baccarat: the Player Win, the Banker Win, and the tie. Remember that the word "banker" does not refer to the house. Players in the game can place their wagers on either the Player's or the Banker's hand.

As for Baccarat by Realtime Gaming, it combines all the classic basics of the game with a simple but pleasing design. Baccarat at Aussie Play Casino will give you the feeling of a real casino experience with all its thrill, risk, adrenaline, and joy from winning. For more details, please follow the Baccarat game review below.

Theme & Design

To replicate the experience of playing in a physical casino, Baccarat by RealTime Gaming offers its version of this online game. The game has several fantastic features, including a wide range of betting options, amazing graphics, and astounding gameplay capability.

Although the theme is classical Baccarat, the game design of Baccarat at Aussie Play Casino slightly differs from other similar games. Dominating colors here are black, red, and gold - for the gold, you are about to win here. The game is set on a standard green-cloth table, where the cards are dealt. The table structure is simple and will attract any player, regardless of the experience.

Core Gameplay

Although the game is quite basic, it can initially be a little frightening. However, you will pick up the intricacies fairly soon if you give it a chance.

First, Baccarat may have a tough appearance, yet there are only three possible results for each hand. Furthermore, there are no prerequisite skills needed to begin. Even if you have never played a card game before and want to start, you can pick it up fairly quickly.

Most table games, including Baccarat, employ three to six standard 52-card decks. The cards are dealt from a dealing device known as a "shoe" after being shuffled. The Player must place their bet and let the cards determine whether they win or lose. Croupier still deals the cards as they come out of the shoe.

You can gamble using chips, tokens, checks, or a tie bet on either the Player's or the bank's hand. After that, the croupier will deal two cards, all of which will be dealt face-up to the Player and two to the Banker. The objective is determining which party will have a count closer to nine.

The cards are counted in the following way:

  • cards from 2 to 9 carry their face value;
  • tens (10) and Face (J, Q, K) cards have a value of zero;
  • aces are counted as 1.

One important guideline is that if your final score is higher than 9, you will deduct 10 points. In this case, your total would be 16 if you got 9 and 7. But when you take out 10, the total drops to 6. Or, you might remember to remove the first "1" from "16," leaving you with six.

Each hand can carry a maximum of three cards, and some regulations specify when the Player or the Banker has the right to get the third card. It is another guideline to keep in mind. The third card is typically included when the Player's hand totals at least 5. The Player is required to stand if the count exceeds 5. Additionally, the Played can draw the third card if the total is precisely five.

If the Banker's total is less than three or as determined by the best odds, they receive their third card. If the Banker's count is six or more, they must likewise stand.

How to Win the Game

There are a lot of game tips and winning strategies that any player can learn while gaining experience and playing for fun and joy. But there is also a bunch of simple steps that you can take before you start playing Baccarat for real money:

  • remember that you can bet on either of two hands;
  • learn how cards are dealt;
  • announce the point total of both sets of cards;
  • learn about the "natural" win;
  • determine whether the Player gets a third card by looking at the point totals;
  • learn the rules governing the third card for the Banker;
  • once all cards are dealt, calculate the winning hand.


Is Baccarat mobile-friendly? 

Sure! You can enter Baccarat using any mobile device via your mobile browser.

Can I play Baccarat game online for free?

Sure, there is a demo version of the game, which you can enjoy for fun and not worry about the payouts like when you play Baccarat for real money.

What is the House Edge Banker Bet in Baccarat at Aussie Play Casino?   

The House Edge Banker Bet in Baccarat at Aussie Play Casino is 1.06%.


The relatively small betting limit in RealTime Gaming's online Baccarat gambling makes it perfect for beginners. The overall visuals and audio effects are excellent, creating an exciting environment that concentrates on the main game without any side bets. Another interesting feature is the ability to move between several table configurations.