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aussie-casino / News / Perspectives on Online Gambling in Germany

Perspectives on Online Gambling in Germany

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Gambling in Germany

16 German states reached an agreement on a proposal to legalize poker and online casino across the entire country in 2021. After years of negotiation and debate, the decision was taken to make online casino and poker legal across the whole of Germany. Previously, only one state, Schleswig-Holstein, was offering licenses to online casinos during the past 8 years. This was a great step for such a large country and indeed one of the largest world economies!

The period of toleration and transition between the old legislation and the new will most likely last for a certain period of time, during which the old licenses issued by Schleswig-Holstein will be still in use. The market will, of course, have to adapt to the new legislation step by step.

However, the details of this proposal are yet to be revealed; even so, we already know that one of them means setting a maximum monthly deposit limit of €1,000, as proposed by the minister. But the gaming stakeholders are concerned about deposit limits, as they may well make the players turn to offshore casinos, instead of German ones. Another key point in the new legislation is responsible gaming and player protection. The new gambling regulations are going to benefit the economy, the players and the various casino operators in question.

Many other gambling markets around Germany have already been regulated; but in the case of Germany, it still needs to be approved by a meeting between the ministers and also ratified by the EU. German local gaming businesses will have to compete with pan-European gaming operators which have more experience, the latest technology, and better marketing power as well.

German players prefer the more high-volatility slots out there, as well as slots that resemble land-based slots. Mobile-first content and high quality are innovation trends that will also be implemented in the German market.

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